YE'S apart-hotels -a new investment concept

The YE’S apart-hotel chain is a unique product on the Russian real estate market, accessible to a record range of investors. Pioneer Group offers apartments fully ready for renting out and living in under the management of a professional hotel company with high quality standards. The YE’S apart-hotel is an asset that will bring the owner a stable monthly income up from 8% per year.

Each project of the YE’S network is a territory of comfort, where there is all the necessary infrastructure for comfortable life. All the apart-hotels of the chain have fitness centers, high-quality Food&Beverage format facilities and shops. For the guests and residents, an underground parking lot has been designed.

The development of the YE’S apartment hotel network contributes to the growth of the civilized rental housing market and positively influences the surrounding urban areas, develops and improves them, creating new jobs and social infrastructure for all residents of the area.

Now in the YE’S apart-hotel network there are two realized projects in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the total number of rooms is almost 1500 units. At the moment, a YE’S apart-hotel for 1000 rooms is being built in Sotsialisticheskaya street in the northern capital, in Moscow a project is being built near the metro and the MCC stations “Botanichesky Sad”, designed for 991 apartments. Also currently, the expansion of the network of YE’S apart-hotels to Astana is being worked on.