Transit-oriented development

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is one of the latest trends in the development of the global real estate market. Convenient access to transport infrastructure is becoming one of the key needs of metropolitan residents, while interchange hubs, public transport stops, sections along transport lines are a new point of attraction for investment.

Pioneer Group has become one of the first developers who decided to apply the principle of TOD in practice. In Moscow, in partnership with the Japanese architectural bureau Nikken Sekkei, the company is implementing a large-scale project for the integrated development of the TIH "Botanic Garden" near the metro and MCC stations “Botanicheskiy Sad”. The new subcentre is being built on the principle of transit-oriented design, which is based on the idea of the closest possible access to a developed transport infrastructure and the creation of convenient pedestrian links between clusters.

The residential part of the project is represented by the LIFE-Botanic Garden complex. The commercial component of the transport interchange hub includes the buildings of the shopping, entertainment and office center, as well as a YE'S apart-hotel. All the clusters of the project will be conveniently connected to each other. The northern and southern core will be connected by well-thought-through pedestrian roads, and the complex of apartments and the shopping centre will be combined by indoor walkways.