Today digital technologies help to skillfully organize transport flows, save resources and monitor their consumption, re-connect people and change the principles of urban management. In Moscow, Pioneer Group constructs a smart residential quarter LIFE-Varshavskaya, where everything will be worked out, and smart technologies will make the life of future residents more comfortable, safer and happier.

  • Smart living - intelligent control of energy consumption and saving;
  • Smart comfort - complex security system and convenience of living;
  • Smart environment - comfort of residents and health care.

Also, a special package of smart options, which can be purchased and installed in a new apartment, is presented in the sales office of the quarter LIFE-Varshavskaya. The smart showroom is equipped with innovative equipment. Mobile application for access control with the ability to recognize family members and guests, regulator of leakage of pipes, alarm button, devices for controlling light, climate, household appliances, acoustics and TV, Yandex. Station with the voice assistant Alice - these and other elements of the smart apartment will help to free a person from routine trifles and save time, money and strength.