The mission of Pioneer Group is to make people’s life in the city comfortable by creating progressive real estate.

Our values:

Customer oriented approach

High quality of life and comfort of our customers are the main purpose of our activity. At the heart of everything we do is the desire to satisfy their needs. In developing our projects, we aim to anticipate the market expectations.

Profit is not our ultimate goal, but it gives us financial stability, which makes it possible to for us realize our projects efficiently and on time. We will be profitable provided that we bring satisfaction to our customers.

Honesty and responsibility

Each one of us strives to be honest with our customers and with each other. We do not hide problems and report them to our residents at once and try to solve them as soon as possible.

Pioneer Group always finishes anything it starts and does not put its financial interests above the interests of the customers. Our most important principle is clear and timely fulfillment of all our commitments. We value the trust that we have, and will always try to justify it.

Leadership and innovation

Pioneer Group is focused on tomorrow; we have an inner urge to progress, the desire to go further, to do better, and to create something new. We do our best to remain a reliable company and we want to be leaders in the comfort of our facilities and the quality of our services, but not in the number of square meters sold.

The technologies we apply allow us to reduce the cost and improve the quality of our projects, to provide customers with the very best. We develop cutting-edge facilities and introduce new services for our residents to be the first to give them something that nobody else offers.

Involvement and initiative

Pioneer Group brings people together for achieving common goals, and each employee shares them and perceives them as their own. We create all the conditions for realizing the potential of our employees, so that they reach maximum personal results, and thus ensure the success of the Company. Each of us strives to improve our work, treat emerging opportunities creatively and offer new innovative solutions that will improve our projects and increase the efficiency of Pioneer Group.